From me to you… you massive loser.


Let Mardy Tweet Your Ex This Valentines Day.

Oh come on we’ve all thought about it. You know, all the things we’d say to that once significant person if we ever saw them again. Yeah, you’ve sat there in traffic on the M60/ on the slow crawling 27C bus to Rottingdean/ stuck on the Northern line for entire afternoon thinking about all of those things you’d actually say to your ex. But you know you never will because you’ve only just managed to perfect the persona of someone who thinks rationally again, and you know that’s quite a hard act for you to put on.

Well fuck it. Let Mardy Mabel say it for you. This valentines day, Mardy will say everything you ever wanted to say to that person you once (probably very stupidly) cared about. Just email your sentiments to and Mardy will tweet dedications to your ex throughout the course of valentines day.

You know, things like “All my friends think you’re a twat “, “I’m glad to see you’re not punching above your weight any more” and “Yes it was me who tagged you as a cunt on Facebook. Quite a few times.”

As if I need to give you any more ideas.

Follow @mardymabel and watch it all unravel throughout the day…