This is a sodding blog post.

And thus the blog is started! With an initial post which acts more of a disclaimer, really. Open your ears wide because this is the only time I’m ever going to say this: SORRY.

Sorry if you were actually looking for a nice cutesy card for Aunty Grace; Sorry if my cards break up your marriage/ get you sacked/ widen that family rift which was, quite frankly, just going to get bigger anyway; Sorry if you find any of my stuff offensive, or if I go too far (actually can this disclaimer just cover me for the whole of my life?**)

Oh sod it, who cares? If you get your knickers all in a twist then you need to get a better sense of humour and get the frigg off my site. Go on! *chases off porch with a broom*



** I’m mainly thinking here of Christmas day, when making dinner, and the boyfriend’s mum said, “I just Skyped Uncle David. He was slurring a lot.”

“Oh has he been drinking already?”, said I.

With an expression of stone she told me that, “No. He had a stroke.”

And, as the tumble-weed swept across the kitchen, my boyfriend caught my eye and gave me a look that I don’t THINK I’d ever quite seen before but I’m guessing said something like, “This is definitely the end for us this time”. As I blanched the sprouts, my mind drifted and I wondered if My Single Friend would be offering any new years deals… Well no harm in having a quick look after dinner, I suppose.